Strenght of Perfection

A visionary and intuitive perfectionist, Christophe Claret has successfully exercised a range of inventive, creative and commercial activities ever since his childhood. Maintaining a simple and spontaneous approach despite his substantial professional accomplishments, he faithfully pursues the mission he has set himself: that of meticulously crafting the most complicated possible movements. Respected by his peers for the quality of his work and his discoveries, Christophe Claret is writing some of the finest chapters in the history of 21st century watchmaking.

At the age of 14, his parents took him to visit a watch restorer’s workshop. This encounter proved to be a life-changing experience.

Christophe Claret abhors imperfection

Linking the Past
to the Present

Thus uniting the full range of professions linked to the design, development and production of movements as well as other watch components such as cases, the premises gradually became a gem of contemporary watch manufacturing.

A Creatively Innovative Approach

A tireless worker, Christophe Claret simply abhors imperfection. His intransigent nature has frequently caused him to spend sleep - less nights, often several in a row, in order to reach his goal. As an authentic purist, he never gives in when encountering difficul - ties, because he has set himself the overriding goal of achieving excellence. Known for seeing his choices through to their ultimate conclusion, he also has the ability to listen to other people. Within the company, he as the entrepreneur never considers himself omniscient and encourages his team members to share their comments, ideas and questions. For him, what truly counts is not being proven right, but instead working with others to create the finest watches.


Since 1989, Christophe Claret has worked surrounded by the Neuchâtel mountains, where the heart of Swiss watchmaking beats strongest; where all the skills that combine to create an exceptional timepiece can be found.

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