Terms and Conditions

  1. Copyright
    All illustrations, images, video clips, texts and information on this site, as well as the selection and layout of the latter and all software on the site, www.christopheclaret.com, are protected by copyright infringement laws and/or other intellectual property rights belonging to CHRISTOPHE CLARET or third parties. You are entitled to download or print a paper copy of these pages and/or sections of the site, www.christopheclaret.com under the express condition that copyright mentions or other relevant details are not deleted. This authorization is limited to information purposes exclusively. Any reproduction (be it all or part thereof), transfer (electronically or by any other means), modifications, use for public or commercial use of the site, www.christopheclaret.com or referral by hyperlink to the latter without the express prior agreement in writing of CHRISTOPHE CLARET is strictly forbidden.
    All documents and information presented by CHRISTOPHE CLARET on the site, www.christopheclaret.com are exclusively for educational or information purposes.
  2. Brands
    All brands and logos on this site are registered or unregistered trademarks belonging to CHRISTOPHE CLARET or third parties and may not be used in connection with any product of service not offered on www.christopheclaret.com, and may not be used in any way that might possibly lead to confusion in the minds of clients or that might in any way discredit or denigrate CHRISTOPHE CLARET.
    No mention is made of rights to other brands, service brands or trade names, be they registered or not, which might be connected to certain words or signs used on this website. However, the absence of such a mention does not in any way imply the absence of protection of these brands, trade names, words or signs.
  3. Responsibility: absence of guarantee or declaration
    CHRISTOPHE CLARET disclaims all responsibility for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this internet site.
    This site, as well as all its content, notably information, documents, products and use thereof, is provided “as is”, with no guarantee or declaration of any kind, be it express, implicit, regulatory or other.
    To the fullest extent permitted by the law, CHRISTOPHE CLARET declines any and all responsibility related to any declaration or guarantee, and particularly guarantees related to the value of goods or the fitness thereof for a specific use. In addition, CHRISTOPHE CLARET neither declares nor guarantees that the information available on this site is exact, reliable, complete or current.
    CHRISTOPHE CLARET cannot in any way be held responsible in the event of prejudice, be it direct, indirect, circumstantial or intangible, in the event of loss of data, revenue or profits, of damages and interest of a repressive nature and/or requests for repairs made by third parties and resulting from the use or inability to use the information provided and/or products offered on www.christopheclaret.com as well as access to this information and/or products, or in the event of prejudice caused by this web site or linked to its use.
  4. Product information
    All products that appear on this site may be procured from official retailers of CHRISTOPHE CLARET merchandise.
    CHRISTOPHE CLARET has made every effort to reproduce the shapes and colours of its products as exactly as possible on www.christopheclaret.com. However, the colours that you see depend on your screen and may not be a true representation of the actual colours of the product in question.
  5. Security and protection of personal information
    CHRISTOPHE CLARET strictly adheres to the law in terms of data protection.
    Unless otherwise specified on this site, or should you send remarks or questions or should you provide your express agreement in any other way, CHRISTOPHE CLARET does not collect any personal information when you consult www.christopheclaret.com.
    In the event of personal information being collected, CHRISTOPHE CLARET guarantees that this personal information will be treated strictly confidentially. The storage or treatment of information conforms to current technical standards of data protection.
    Should you send comments or questions by email, or should you contact us to obtain information on our site, we will ask for your name, address and/or electronic address. We require this information in order to respond to you and may need to use it for commercial purposes.
    Over and above this, without your agreement, CHRISTOPHE CLARET undertakes not to disseminate, hire or give any personal information to third parties or to third parties involved in administration of this site (such as our Internet service providers) or to supply the services that you are requesting.
    No other information, suggestion, idea, comment or other document sent to www.christopheclaret.com will be considered confidential or exclusive nor as a trade secret, and by sending this information, you grant CHRISTOPHE CLARET irrevocable and unlimited right of use, modification, reproduction, transmission, display and dissemination of this information for any use whatsoever. With the exception of obligations imposed by the law, CHRISTOPHE CLARET will not use your name in relation to this information, document, suggestion, idea or comment without your express prior written consent.
  6. Links
    www.christopheclaret.com may contain information and third party links to other internet sites. CHRISTOPHE CLARET cannot be held responsible for information on and/or third party products offered. In addition, CHRISTOPHE CLARET has no knowledge of information on other sites, nor of products offered on these sites, and cannot be held responsible for this information and/or products and the methods used by these third party sites in relation to protection of personal information.
  7. Modifications
    CHRISTOPHE CLARET reserves the right to modify all or part of the current terms depending on its own judgment. Any modifications made will be communicated on www.christopheclaret.com.
    CHRISTOPHE CLARET reserves the right to modify the content of www.christopheclaret.com as it sees fit, and at any time, for any reason and without any prior notification. CHRISTOPHE CLARET declines any responsibility related to the possible consequences of these modifications.
  8. Applicable law and jurisdiction
    This contract is subject to Swiss law. The jurisdiction for any litigation arising from the interpretation of or execution of this contract will be at the site of CHRISTOPHE CLARET’s headquarters.
  9. Severability clause
    In the event of one or another provisions of these terms of use being partially or completely null and void, the validity of the other provisions is not under scrutiny.

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