Christophe Claret unveils a new exceptional timepiece, steeped in history and sophistication. Here is the Christophe Claret Napoleon, in homage to the first Emperor of the French.

History is in the spotlight today at Christophe Claret, who pays homage to Napoleon Bonaparte on the occasion of the bicentenary of his death, through a true masterpiece of fine watchmaking: the Christophe Claret Napoleon, produced in two very limited series of 8 copies each. Presentation.

Christophe Claret Napoleon: artistic automaton for the Emperor

It is a particularly refined and luxurious tribute that Christophe Claret pays to Emperor Bonaparte, with his Napoleon. A true watchmaking masterpiece, this unique piece features Napoleon and his soldiers through an artistic and colorful automaton. It is this exceptional jacquemart who then comes to sound the Westminster ringing of the minute repeater, punctuating each quarter of an hour with a series of distinctive notes composed in collaboration with a violinist: Do-Ré-Mi-Sol, Sol-Ré -Mi-Do, and Mi-Sol-Ré-Do. While waiting for the automaton to come alive with each ringing, we can admire the cage of the flying tourbillon, whose decoration takes the famous medal of the Legion of Honor, created by Napoleon to reward the bravest and most soldiers. valiant in respect of services rendered to the State, under this sublime scene beats the heart of the watch: the exclusive NBC98 caliber offering 60 hours of power reserve. Finally, all this goldsmith's work is protected by two 46 mm cases, the first in grade 5 titanium, the second in 5N red gold. These two pieces, in a limited edition of 8 pieces each, are sold at a price of 590,000 Swiss francs. History has a price ...

Poker © Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret Napoleon

  • Case in grade 5 titanium / 5N red gold, 46 mm. 15 mm thick.
  • Hand painted dial, artistic automaton, Legion of Honor decoration.
  • Mechanical manual-winding caliber NBC98.
  • 60 hour power reserve.
  • Hours, minutes, minute repeater (jacquemart) functions.
  • Vegetable leather bracelet.
  • Limited editions of 8 pieces each.
  • Price: CHF 590,000-.